Why Global In-house Centers are Attracting the Best Talent in the Industry?

Why Global In-house Centers are Attracting the Best Talent in the Industry?

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It’s a known fact that India is one of the most preferred destinations for establishing Global In-House Centers (GICs) for multi-national organizations, with 60% of MNCs establishing their GICs in India in the last decade. These Indian GICs employ a workforce of 8 million across the country.

With such headcount numbers, it is obvious that war for talent between GICs and typical IT service providers is heating up, as organizations fight it out to attract the best talent. But, as per latest stats, GICs seem to be clearly winning this talent war with 65% of the workforce hired in GICs being people moving from service providers, while only 17% GIC employees move out to work for service providers.

ScrumStart conducted a study to understand why GICs are attracting the best talent in the industry and the findings turned out to be very interesting. The points are as discussed below:

1. Better quality of work

Indian GICs have evolved to become value providers by enabling digital transformation, driving global initiatives, acting as global R&D centres and creating Centers of Excellence. The quality of work at GICs is cutting-edge and employees are often working on new age technologies and products, not just on support or maintenance projects. This is a major attraction for resources looking to upgrade their skills.

2. Domain knowledge

With GICs, employees end up working on focused domains and, over a period, become specialists in that particular domain. This is unlike typical service providers, where an employee may keep moving across disparate domains, never really gaining any business domain knowledge. The opportunity to become domain specialists is a big talent attractor.

3. More learning opportunities

The average experience of people in GICs is higher than the average experience in typical service providers. This helps GICs in attracting more experienced talent, as they perceive it to be a better opportunity to work and learn from their peers.

4. Brand perception

Last, but not the least, working for a global brand enhances the profile an employee and hence becomes a major reason for them to be attracted towards opportunities in these GICs.

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