Virtual Captive Solutions

Virtual Captive Solutions
Virtual Captive Solutions

Minimum 20% lower on cost; Guaranteed better business outcome

Lower In cost per hour

Labor arbitrage using Surat as development hub that gives minimum of 20% cost advantage.

Unmatched Flexibility

You want to own the setup like your own captive; You have the option. No constraints on numbers.

Zero Capex Option

Need not bother about capex approvals & board approvals. You start and pay as you go.

Industry Experts

Team of industry experts with immense technology & delivery experience.


High Quality resources

Patented processes to produce highest quality engineers with high productivity.

Speed to market

No waiting, investing and waiting for results. You get one of the best speed to market.

Cutting Edge technology

We work on technologies that are cutting edge. That is why we are identified as "Innovative".

Products & ready to use solutions

Ready to use products & solutions that will save time & money and give quick business outcomes.

ScrumStart innovation in the delivery of services has resulted in SS Virtual Captive model that guarantees several benefits over traditional outsourcing, and even company-owned captives. SSVC is significantly lower in cost over any other form of outsourcing with ScrumStart. The range of cost-benefit can be anywhere between 10 to 40% based on the location and talent need. The cost advantage is primarily because of the shared resource utilization of expensive and advisory functions. ScrumStart has its in-house capabilities to create better talent at lower cost and our investment in Surat; a city in Western India near Mumbai also known as the diamond hub of the world, with one of the best quality of life and highest per capita income in India. 

Our Talent Academy in Surat produces high quality of technical resources using our intellectual property on talent nurturing, at the far lower cost to the client giving them direct benefit and an edge no other company can provide. We guarantee that our resources would be at least 20% more productive as compared to the general market. 

Our Virtual Captive Solutions provide unmatched flexibility to clients with the option to buy out the entire setup after minimum lock-in period, and the customer can operate it as their captive. Flexibility also allows clients to have any number of resources from just one to as many as needed and even manage peaks and troughs in demand of business. 

The best piece that CIOs and CFOs globally love is the zero capex option that allows you to start your captive through SS Virtual Captive model and take over eventually. ScrumStart invests capex on behalf of the customer and charges in easy instalments including them in the hourly fee. 

ScrumStart Virtual Captives provides the client with an opportunity to accelerate the speed to market with starting delivery within 90 days as compared to minimum 180 days as a best-case scenario for your captive. Our team of experts who have enormous experience in setting up and managing global innovation centres uses their knowledge and ready-made templates to give you the best in the class outcome.

Our technology team has solutions and business-focused products that can quickly start giving your business the desired outcomes.


LONDON New Bridge Street House,
30-34 New Bridge Street,
London EC4V6BJ (UK)
MUMBAI B/1202, The Capital, G Block,
Bandra (East) Bandra,
Mumbai City ( INDIA )
PUNE 805-806, Wing B, ICC Trade Towers,
Senapati Bapat Road,
Pune (INDIA)
SURAT W04A, G&J Park, 
Surat - India

Business Events

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Alok Kumar, Founder of ScrumStart, was invited to the Global Expansion Summit in London.

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ScrumStart team visited CEBIT Hannover from 20th to 24th March 2017.