Trust Business Excellence Model | ScrumStart

‘Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair’

A business model developed by ScrumStart that has the foundation of values and competency with unparalleled transparency.


TBEM: Trust Business Excellence Model Constitutes of two key elements that has been developed by ScrumStart to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and experience.

VALUES: Intent and integrity are taught and practiced. While some elements are our behaviors, transparency has been codified to bring a major differentiation in the way of doing business.

COMPETENCE: Immense focus is given to build a strong foundation of capabilities and results are regularly measured. SRKay Talent Academy and R&D Lab help build a strong foundation for trust with customers.

TRUST PRICING: TBEM emphasizes on creating the basis of trust through an open costing & pricing model that is shared with the customer and allows them to understand how they are being charged. This gives them immense flexibility to manage their expense. ScrumStart experiences minimum 25% reduction in prevailing costs over what TBEM Trust pricing can achieve for technology services. This transparency leaves the delivery organization to focus completely on deploying the best resources without worrying about maintaining the margins.

TRUST BENEFITS: It is not just on customers, but on the employees of ScrumStart as well. It starts with open salaries where everyone can inquire and know what their colleagues and even CEO are earning and question them. It moves to self-promotion where transparent policies help them understand and plan their growth themselves. Finally, the model supports employees in having a say in deciding their own salaries and benefits. TBEM relies heavily on creating a stronger relationship between the customers and executives doing work for them, thereby making customer feedback as the key element for employee growth.

88% Business value ‘trust’ the most in any business dealing

  • Trust comes as the topmost attribute for every business dealing
  • Adherence to values and demonstrating competency are the two key elements in building trust
  • Best employees, best business partners and best customers develop high level of ‘Trust’ amongst themselves.

Trust can be truly achieved only when it is practiced in totality without any pre-condition. The foundation of this most important element that becomes the basis not only for any business dealing but also for relationships has a strong link in the culture and upbringing of every individual who creates & defines a society in which we live and grow.

ScrumStart embarked upon a three year journey to find what will make a difference to a customer more than anything else. The answer repeatedly came out loud and clear “TRUST”. The journey to achieve high level of trust however is not simple but a combination of several elements that instills this feeling amongst the people who deal with each other over a period of time. It has been truly said ‘Trust is earned’.

The survey conducted by ScrumStart comes out with findings that helped define the Trust Excellence Model that is now the basis of ScrumStart business dealings with each of their customer. This model has been immensely liked by every customer who was approached and resulted in making ScrumStart the fastest growing startup in India that expanded in three other countries within three years of its existence.