Talent Solutions for enhancing Productivity

Talent Solution for enhancing Productivity
Talent Solution for enhancing Productivity

Talent Academy

Creating highly cost effective and good quality resources in our Surat based Talent Academy.


Metacognitive Induced Learning

Learning model that can transform basic workforce to high quality & productive workforce in few months as compared to years. (Model to be patented)


Sci-Key Engine

Platform for analyzing human (employee) behavior to bring maximum productivity out of them. (Patent applied)

Minimum 20% more value for money

ScrumStart has made a breakthrough in creating a highly productive workforce, with average productivity being twice the market standards, at a significantly lower cost with the help of ‘Aptitude Labs’ (R&D initiative of SRKay). 
Our patented human psychology interpretation platform provides deep insights into the mindset of every individual that helps us to select only those who can develop passion with the technological work we do. This proprietary platform helps us hire resources with 85% assurance of high learnability and a winner attitude. Technical skills are then tested to be doubly sure of the quality of the workforce. 
Another intellectual property that Aptitude Labs has developed and applied by ScrumStart, helps in charging knowledge power in the minds of fresh technical graduates rapidly. We can create a product quality engineer in just three to six months time as compared to years in other ecosystems. This model named ‘Metacognition Induced Learning’ focusses on challenging the young engineers with difficult problems in a time-bound manner. The psychology match ensures that most of these engineers become passionate technologists in matter of few months and deliver immense value to the clients. 
ScrumStart follows continuous feedback and engagement model through its propriety platform ‘SteeHigh’ that ensures the best outcome by our workforce all the time.


LONDON New Bridge Street House,
30-34 New Bridge Street,
London EC4V6BJ (UK)
MUMBAI B/1202, The Capital, G Block,
Bandra (East) Bandra,
Mumbai City ( INDIA )
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Surat - India

Business Events

Event date:

Alok Kumar, Founder of ScrumStart, was invited to the Global Expansion Summit in London.

Event date:

ScrumStart team visited CEBIT Hannover from 20th to 24th March 2017.