Shared Goals and Values​ | ScrumStart Virtual Captive Features

Branding and Common vision

We focus on creating brand for our customers. Our Virtual Captive solutions end with a separate office completely branded with client’s name. This not only helps market your name in a new geography but also creates a loyal employee base with a common vision of your business growth and a happy workforce.

Open Communication

Our processes are designed to keep the communication consistent, transparent and rich. We have automated most of our processes and our customers get access to the tools to participate in whatever we do for them. Our customers have some real appreciation with our quality of communication.

Daily Innovation through Automation

The strangest thing that we do is to kill our own business. We help our customers automate their manual process and make them efficient. We get a lot of appreciation for this boldness and even get compensated with more work.

Academy & Training

Our CLASS academy creates excellent young resources while our technical experts handhold each of the employee hired, induct them and train them very closely. There is no bulk hiring and bulk deployment, rather your values of well trained, committed and happy employees who are yours under our umbrella.