ScrumStart Forges a Multi-year Partnership for Providing its Virtual Captive Solution to Parkar Consulting & Labs, USA

ScrumStart Forges a Multi-year Partnership for Providing its Virtual Captive Solution to Parkar Consulting & Labs, USA


PUNE, India, July 11, 2017 — ScrumStart, a division of SRKay Consulting Group, today announced that it is extending its existing partnership with US-based Parkar Consulting & Labs (a boutique management and technology consulting firm) for another three years. ScrumStart will be leveraging its expertise in creating and managing technology centers across India to provide end-to-end support to Parkar’s development center in Pune, as Parkar Consulting & Labs continues to grow its global footprint.

“Our decision to name ScrumStart as a preferred infrastructure and talent services partner is based on their proven ability to continuously deliver with rapidly increasing requirements,” Gaurav Singh, CEO, Parkar Consulting & Labs commented on the development. Further, he said, “With new developments in Parkar Labs, such as Blockchain and Machine Learning initiatives; we needed a trusted partner to support our expansion going forward. We have had a fulfilling partnership with ScrumStart in the first year where ScrumStart played an important role in ensuring a hassle-free experience at our development center in Pune and hence, we had no second thoughts in forging a long-term partnership with ScrumStart.”

Thanking the Parkar senior management for this opportunity, Sandeep Menon, Chief Operating Officer of ScrumStart said, “We are pleased to forge this long-term partnership with Parkar. Our team at ScrumStart, has leveraged its extensive experience in running successful technology centers in India to provide the best quality services to Parkar. In fact, working with Parkar in the last one year has enabled us to further refine our services. ScrumStart remains committed to constantly exceed client expectations and keep the Parkar team extremely happy in the coming years.”

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