ScrumStart Avengers - Sonal Mahajan

ScrumStart Avengers – Sonal Mahajan

Sonal Mahajan

I have joined ScrumStart a few months back but it already feels like home. Everyone here is so welcoming and helpful. Such a great environment to work!!

Right from the recruitment process, to onboarding and working with tight deadlines everything has been a flattering experience. Special thanks to all the people associated with this journey.

On a personal note, since I am new in Pune, still settling down, i sometimes need the flexibility to work from home. I am glad that Amit, my reporting manager, is understanding and gives us this flexibility which helps to maintain the work-life balance.

Currently, I am working on a project for one of the world’s largest US based airline company. It is a good experience to work with such an amazing client with exposure to working with the latest technology.

Also, airlines are my favorite area of work too as it keeps me motivated to fly high! That works in my favor at ScrumStart. The client is extremely enthusiastic and tremendously workaholic. A great combo!

I would just sum-up saying it’s great to be a part of ScrumStart!