ScrumStart Avengers - Shruti Mahalle

ScrumStart Avengers – Shruti Mahalle

My journey in ScrumStart so far has been filled with a lot of learning, exposure, and fun. In my very beginning days itself, I was given a wonderful opportunity to visit client-side in the UK, understand their working technique and traverse through the whole business of the project.

The flexible work timings of the company have been a major contributor to work-life balance. The harmony in the company is reflected through strong interpersonal relations and encouraging attitude amongst co-workers.

Apart from my team, I found HR, IT, Admin and Finance teams are highly approachable which keeps the work rolling here. Also, I just love the ambience and aesthetics of the workplace.

One major chunk of motivation in my daily life comes from the inspiring and thoughtful quotes over the pillars at the office. I call them “Pillars of Might”. One of the quotes suspended in the pillars speaks “ Free your mind and the rest will follow” allows me to work efficiently with the presence of me and my mind at office leaving to burden of stress .

At last, let me sum it up by saying ScrumStart is a place where I am climbing my way up to professional and personal efficiency with each passing day.