ScrumStart Avengers - Shrikant Shukla

ScrumStart Avengers – Shrikant Shukla

Shrikant Shukla

I joined ScrumStart at the time of inception as one of the pioneer employees.

Upon joining, a tremendous challenging role was given to me; to help ScrumStart management setting up SAP Testing Services (at ScrumStart) for one of the renowned overseas clients. After the initial project kick-off (of the virtual captive operations), I was sent abroad for studying, understanding, and bringing the technical knowhow to ScrumStart (my scope was limited to SAP HCM module only) and train the offshore team members after that (Train the Trainer Approach). During training, I noticed that team members were experienced and competent. They quickly learned and absorbed the technical part consisting of US Payroll, complex client-specific processes, interfaces, etc.

Although there were initial hick-ups and teething problems, we successfully established the practice (at ScrumStart). It’s the second year now. SAP team is competent and diligent right from day one in providing professional services to the client. Within a short period, the client started recognizing our excellent performance.

Our team set an example with the client. As a result, their stakeholders made visits to India to explore additional business opportunities with ScrumStart. Today, ScrumStart has got more business from the same client. I feel confident that our company will expand further soon.

For offshore services, a good infrastructure is a necessary pre-requisite. ScrumStart has provided the team with world-class support.

Life at ScrumStart is very cool. Working hours have a set pattern; the workload is quite uniform. Working on weekends is not necessary. Team members can maintain a proper work-life balance. Also, ScrumStart allows flexible working by allowing ‘Work from Home’ as and when required.

Overall, the team members are happy to work in a friendly atmosphere at ScrumStart.