ScrumStart Avengers - Priya Dave

ScrumStart Avengers – Priya Dave

Priya Dave

I’m part of the ScrumStart family since 2017. During this journey, I’ve got a chance to work with talented, dedicated & supportive teammates and valuable clients. Clients & managers trust me & my competencies. They support me in making plans & decisions to accomplish goals. Every day there is a new learning opportunity. I get a chance to work on assignments that helps me to groom myself technically & professionally.

ScrumStart respects talent, dedication, innovation & hard work. We, as a team, always strive for customer satisfaction while maintaining a work-life balance. Management fosters a ‘speak-up’ culture by making it clear that their door is still open for discussion, and this way helps to maintain healthy alignment with the company.

ScrumStart encourages employees to improve creativity & work for their passion. We often have a team outing and team building activities which creates a fun culture & helps to build bridges across departments. I’ve found a few friends for life here.

I’m glad to work for ScrumStart. I look forward to contributing to future growth & continued success.