ScrumStart Avengers - Kasturi Katore

ScrumStart Avengers – Kasturi Katore

Kasturi Katore

I feel fortunate for being an employee of ScrumStart. It’s been 4+ months and my journey is quite amazing. The good working environment plays an important factor in our productivity and also for career growth.

I equally appreciate the policy of open and honest communication including the initial recruitment process. In this short period, I have learned many things as and when coming across through the challenges, new responsibilities, and opportunities provided to me. I must consider this as a breakthrough in my career which has made me more capable and confident.

My entire team including onshore team has been very supportive. I would also like to thank my manager Amit for throwing the challenges on me and believing that I could handle it smoothly.

Moreover, the onsite opportunity to Dallas, USA has given me good exposure in multiple ways and meeting to client’s team including stakeholders and working as one team is the key thing that I liked which would help me in future.

Employee engagement activities which take place here makes the environment more friendly and helps to build a team rapport across the floor.