ScrumStart Avengers - Alishan Ahmad

ScrumStart Avengers – Alishan Ahamad

Alishan Ahamad

My journey with ScrumStart started on the 6th of June 2017 as a trainee at Surat location. During my initial months, I got technical and behavioral training, which endured me to enhance professional as well as personal growth. I got the opportunity to learn the latest technology. Everyday at ScrumStart is a learning experience, and it also helps me to develop new skills. The project manager and team leads are always helping me to perform my task successfully. I’ve been working with the product as well as the service team; this helped me learn many skills like time management, team management, understanding the requirements from the client, etc.

During my tenure, I got the opportunity to explore a new city, Surat, where I came across a very different culture & language.

ScrumStart has given me a lot of opportunities to learn, directly interact with one of the renowned overseas clients. My entire team, including offshore and onshore, has been very supportive. I would be highly obliged to my manager, Kiran Patil, for always believing in me.

At ScrumStart, I can assure you can maintain a perfect work-life balance as the company gives you a lot of flexibility & a sense of ownership to explore the horizons both at professional as well as personal front.

Atlast, let me sum it up by saying ScrumStart is a place where I can climb my way up to professional and personal efficiency with each passing day. I’m glad to work for ScrumStart. I look forward to contributing to future growth & continued success.