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Overview & Challenges

Two decades ago, the word “retail” brought up associations of a well-designed, branded storefront. Stores were ubiquitous-from the small “kirana” (grocery shops) in developing countries to the massive hypermarkets of the first world. Anyone who proposed major alternatives to this purchase model would have been asked to take a reality check. But then came a change.

An Amazonian Transformation:

Jeff Bezos, is as of date the world’s richest man with a net worth of over $160 billion. Bezos founded the online retailer Amazon in late 1994 as an online bookstore. As per early investor and long-time board member Tom Alberg, Jeff Bezos had to literally go door to door to raise the first $1 million for Amazon because everyone expected it would be “murdered” by Barnes and Noble which had a massive brick and mortar presence. There had been earlier attempts to sell online. For e.g. Tesco sold the first ever product online in 1984. But it was considered an experimental gimmick, with no vision, and never followed through. But- Amazon proved them wrong, becoming the largest player in online retail & largest internet company by revenue.

This started a retail revolution that grew slowly, with more companies enabling models that were Omni-Channel, and establishing an e-commerce paradigm that is now ramping up at a speed that is consistently exponential.

A paradigm shift in Consumer behaviour:

Buy Anywhere & Anytime, Deliver Everywhere:

Customers equipped with Smartphones and mobility enhancing devices drive the “Transactions-on-demand” cycle , with service delivery anytime, geographically anywhere & potentially everywhere. Product shipments and service delivery needs to be tracked and managed at a granular level in scale and scope. Retailers simply cannot meet these expectations the same without utilizing high-end technology that is customized to address the demands of their specific customer base.

In summary, today, retail is truly at an inflexion point, evolving into an Omni-Channel model that is potentially signals the start of the extinction of conventional pure-play brick and mortar set ups.

ScrumStart’s Unique Pedigree:

ScrumStart senior management is led by a team of retail Industry veterans who have experience driving Technology strategy to solve complex business problems. Our CEO Mr. Santosh Panicker has extensive experience leading Strategic & Implementation activities for the establishment of a Global In-house Centre for Sears Holdings’ Corporation, US.

The ScrumStart Retail Technology Value Proposition:

Development of Digital channels to address your customized business needs focused on accelerating revenue growth and seamlessly complementing traditional operational structures.

Addressing the complexity and uniqueness of the needs of your internal and external retail ecosystem in a customized manner. Analysis, identification of bottlenecks and streamlining of your product & service delivery chain from production to delivery fulfilment.


Custom software solutions that analyses multiple variables such as Competitor prices, Supply, and Demand to maximize sales through precise and agile variable pricing


Integrated solutions that provide actionable inputs to ensure optimizing the number of fulfillment centers across the supply chain and ensuring precise inventory movement, tracking and consolidation across the fulfillment centre network


Turnkey development and deployment of Mobile Applications for Store Managers to ensure optimization of all key functions such as: *Receipt of incoming consignments*Safe keeping of the same *Disposal of unwanted material.*Holisitic Inventory Management.*Housekeeping and record maintenance.


Turnkey solutions that ensure optimization of the Inventory chains from inventory receipt & management up to the point of sale.


Data volumes has increased exponentially. This has led to an explosion in quantum and scale of both data and well as inter- connected devices demanding high end software and hardware enterprise infrastructure, platforms & cloud enabled services, in all of which ScrumStart possesses expertise in custom development, integration and deployment.


ScrumStart enables companies to collect, categorize and analyse Big Data to identify customer need areas and buying patterns for retailers to capitalize on and monetize this vast repository of data and convert it into actionable and monetizable information, via AI,BI, Neural Networks, ML & high-end Analytics.


Today a customer can purchase products/services form a store/from its portal/from a third-party intermediary or a mix of all these channels. This blurring of traditional purchase lines makes integration and streamlining of the order to fulfilment process extremely challenging. ScrumStart offers integrated solutions that seamlessly blend the physical(brick and mortar) and digital(click only) and hybrid(click and mortar) models of operations to move to optimize the purchase experience.


Development and customization of biometric solutions such as facial recognition & fingerprint identification systems for customer identification, capture of in-store purchase behaviour trends, speedier checkout, more accurate shipping & optimal fit product selection. A truly personalized and optimal customer experience.


ScrumStart addresses the need for cybersecurity via robust and agile systems ensuring the security of all transactions occurring and sensitive data being processed at every instant


Transition solutions that enable organizations to migrate from legacy systems and completely eliminate physical data storage, enabling greater operational efficiencies at every stage


ScrumStart develops solutions to seamlessly manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving customer satisfaction. This in turn assists in customer retention, repeat sales and drives the business growth of your company.


Brand Online Reputation Management(ORM) that automate and monitor and evaluate service levels at every stage of the value delivery chain as well as ensure integrated handling of the gamut of social media channels addressing problems, complaints and queries using chatbots & AI for speedier response times and greater cost efficiencies.


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