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the SCM & Logistics Paradigm

Overview & Challenges

The integrated Supply Chain Management(SCM) & Logistics industry is undergoing a revolution, in response to multiple challenges. These include:

The supply value chain and its inbuilt logistics function has become increasingly complex and hard to track, with a need for innovation and visibility in real-time at every stage from despatch to last-mile delivery

Capital Expenses and investment demands have increased drastically & Urban areas have become overcrowded and vehicular movement across routes is increasingly time consuming and difficult

Changing demographics have led to reduced labour availability and thereby higher costs

Inventory Management, Warehousing & SKU(Stock Keeping Unit) portfolio management poses problems of scale, scope and nature like never before

Higher socio-economic sensitivity and governmental oversight on increasing carbon footprint and vehicular levels as a result of burgeoning transportation has placed the sector under scrutiny and increased R & D costs

From an end customer standpoint there are a large multitude of options of where to shop and what to purchase leading to stiff competition and demand for a seamless, precise and high-quality supply chain and logistics cycle


In short, logistics is no longer a purely operational function, focused on establishing production lines and catering to customer delivery. Rather, the needs of today demand it to be an independent, yet highly integrated supply chain management function.

Our enterprise application platform solutions  enable analytical capabilities that examine vast quantities of data across disparate systems. In addition, they provide users invaluable insights on Life Science business & industry trends, as well as enterprise specific patterns through AI/BI & Algorithmic analysis. Based on situational analysis, we also provide Business Process Management platform-based approaches enabling companies to use data insights that save costs and increase business process efficiency and accuracy.

The ScrumStart Supply Chain 4.0 Value Proposition:

ScrumStart uses cutting-edge Technology Solutions & Services delivered via its unique Virtual Captive Model to enable the digitally transformed Supply Chain 4.0. It leverages the power of the Internet of Things(IoT),Automation, Networking and advanced AI & ML to enable a speedy, transparent, and highly economical supply chain and logistics cycle.

This ensures the permeation of 4 main elements of value throughout the Integrated SCM & Logistics domain, that combined together contribute towards an optimal integrated Logistics and Supply Chain System.

**Source: McKinsey Report(Supply Chain 4.0 – the next-generation digital supply chain)

Solution & Service Capabilities ScrumStart SCM & Integrated Logistics

Customized Design, Development & Deployment of centralized data systems to integrate shipment details from various geographically spread out warehouses for seamless cargo specific real-time updation in the centralized system.


Leveraging the power of Digitization to deliver improved visibility and accountability into the real-time stage(in process/ready for shipment) of in-production products, identify potential bottlenecks and align production and delivery schedules accordingly. This enables companies to have complete transparency, and better control over both production and information flow across the integrated supply & logistics chain.


Utilizing advanced analytics of Big Data using a pre-determined, customizable range of input parameters and algorithm-based computations based on collated integrated logistics & supply chain metrics. This facilitates optimal inventory stock via ML/AI driven predictive forecasting for greater operational efficiencies. This also enables companies to handle varied and fluctuating demand/supply situations at every point in the value delivery chain, leading to improved real-time decision making.


Creating systems that access information securely with customizable Business Intelligence(BI) dashboards, reports and real-time alerts. Tracking critical process KPIs, custom building and automating reports & creating specific Alerts to react to and resolve untoward occurrences with high speed /low reaction time.



Developing high-end performance management systems to enable highly efficient outbound logistics leading to on time delivery fulfilment & low inventory costs.


Development of end-to-end systems designed to keep all stakeholders informed throughout the process, from order confirmation to fulfilment. This includes provision of platforms for customers to personally track their orders, thereby increasing their sense of self-sufficiency and control.


Leveraging digital technology to provide real-time planning and routing systems for fleets in transit. Artificial intelligence & machine learning are used to algorithmically process and optimize route trajectories to ensure seamless delivery and high user satisfaction throughout the value delivery chain.



High focus on integrated data capture, monitoring & analysis solutions to ensure real-time visibility into key processes such as pickup and delivery of transported items, identifying and resolving bottlenecks as they arise. This enables logistics service providers optimize timeliness of delivery and improve customer service.


Increased collaboration between all partners in the integrated supply chain management & logistics chain via IT enabled real time sharing of information. Development of “Supply chain clouds” that lead to the creation of joint supply chain platforms between customers, manufacturers, shippers/transporters and suppliers. This can provide a shared logistics infrastructure or jointly planned solution framework. Implementation of the same leads to greater process control, optimal coordination and lowered costs through more aligned & effective decision making.



Fleet Management Software development including driver scorecards, performance reports & Incident Viewer solutions to view unsafe driving eventualities in real-time with second-by-second replays. This enables loss preventative measures as well as speedy corrective action.


High-end SCM & Logistics domain Process Outsourcing for both inbound & outbound transactions, using a blend of Technology and Human Resources. Technical systems and skilled resource infrastructure used in conjunction to support new customer acquisition, handling existing orders and tracking them to fulfilment. In addition, ScrumStart has also developed mobile apps for dynamic CRM management, placing control in the hands of the user.


In today’s logistics & supply chain cycle the extent of data being dealt with at every stage of the value delivery chain is huge. Many sources of digital waste redundancy management systems can be found. Manual entries, silos, replicated system entries & non optimally utilized data are common examples. These lead to process cluttering and excessive overload on the entire supply chain.