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Overview & Challenges

New developments and breakthroughs in the Life Sciences sector are delivering ground-breaking results that will revolutionize the way humans live. However, there are complex challenges facing the industry that could drastically slow down or even halt its progress. Let’s examine these factors in more detail:

Exponentially Rising Costs:

Product development in life science has become increasingly more complicated and expensive, with rising R & D, and legal costs due to Registration, Patent & Compliance issues. With increases in Process and Data handling costs as well, the investment required for new life-changing products is rising dramatically.

Speed to Market:

Patent periods for biological and chemical products & solutions are narrowing, and this slim window of product life in market demands acceleration from conception to development before competitors catch up with new, improved versions of products and solutions. Therefore, the streamlining and optimization of the concept-to-commercialization processes is critical.

Silos & Legacy Systems:

The Life Sciences sector in confronted with a range of aging legacy systems that operate in silos. Processes in the internal & external Life Science industry ecosystem, are splintered and lacking cohesion, thereby reducing efficiency & productivity levels and leading to non-optimal results across the value delivery chain.

Complexities of Compliance &
Regulatory Guidelines:

Compliance is of critical importance in the highly regulated life sciences industry. However, the presence of varying regional standards has made it increasingly difficult for global companies to adhere to the same. In addition, compliance standards are constantly changing & evolving, demanding high agility & responsiveness, thereby making the task even more challenging.

Data Inundation without Actionability:

Massive amounts of wide-ranging but crucial data is available across the sector. At a macro level, these pertain to areas such as industry statistics, cost compliance patterns, competitor performance & consumer demand. At a more micro level there is an inundation of data involving location specific production & inventory management, for e.g. in the agricultural industry, seasonal forecasting crop & harvest cycle data. However, this wide-ranging data remains largely underutilized-whereas it needs to be processed in a manner that collects & integrates these disparate and seemingly disconnected parameters to arrive at definitive action points.

Hence there is a pressing need for effective solutions to sort through and analyze this data to make it actionable & monetizable information.

Speed of Adaptation:

The Life sciences sector operates in the face of high volatility and uncertainty. At a macro level , changes in the marketplace and external environment are happening every moment, while customer demands at a local level (For e.g. crop related issues such as fire, insect blight & bacterial infestation) must be addressed immediately. This requires great agility & nimbleness in the innovation and process delivery chain and being able to adapt to external and internal processes at both speed and scope. As well as to be able to rapidly scale operational and infrastructural needs up/down to meet fluctuating demand.

Solution & Service Capabilities via ScrumStart Virtual Captive Model

ScrumStart provides technology approaches that deliver a speedier, more agile, cost-effective development process. Cost benefits derived from the same permeate throughout the value chain and are passed on to partners and customers alike. In addition ScrumStart’s unique Zero Capex based Virtual Captive Model further augments cost savings.


ScrumStart provides high-end cloud computing solutions to connect processes, open chains of communication, and ensure optimal accuracy and efficiency. Our custom designed Cloud based application platform solutions enable you to seamlessly integrate siloed legacy systems and processes and create channels of collaboration across geographical regions throughout the entire product lifecycle.


ScrumStart designs and develops automated solutions that eradicate slowdowns due to manual errors and ensure a level of accuracy that obviates the need for rework. Using high-end RPA & AI solutions, both repetitive tasks & highly skilled knowledge work can be transitioned into a “digital labour “workforce, driving faster time to market and productivity gains.


Development of scalable, flexible and adaptive Technology solutions that can adjust quickly to market and regulatory changes and meet required disciplines and standards in real-time.
These solutions also offer potential for rapid organizational growth, with the ability to scale up core IT infrastructure to meet the complex needs of the emerging situations such as new product trial & development, marketplace changes, and rapid customization to address regional compliance differences.
This ensures faster time to implementation of compliance solutions & portable, accessible data, making compliance easier. This enables standardization of the compliance process as a whole, thereby ensuring adherence to global norms.


ScrumStart offers solutions to assimilate, sort through and make sense of complex data sets, enabling life sciences organizations to bring transparent and actionable views to the data.


Our enterprise application platform solutions enable analytical capabilities that examine vast quantities of data across disparate systems. In addition, they provide users invaluable insights on Life Science business & industry trends, as well as enterprise specific patterns through AI/BI & Algorithmic analysis. Based on situational analysis, we also provide Business Process Management platform-based approaches enabling companies to use data insights that save costs and increase business process efficiency and accuracy.

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