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Talent is no more about number of headcount. Good quality employees have great attitude to learn and perform and they can be several times productive than an average employee. ScrumStart handles this opportunity differently and looks at quality of skills, behavioral, psychological and cost elements togather in their proprietary "Hirest" solution. Hirest not only brings the best quality of fresh hires but also very good quality and value for money contract employees. Our automation team is working to bring out complete automation in this space where our patented Kleveron managed talent sourcig platform will use artificial intelligence and copywrite assessments on people psychology that will ensure the best fit employee and contract resource for your company. 


ScrumStart Hirest talent solutions use latest technology blended with human elements to give you the right fit employees and contractors. 



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Alok Kumar, Founder of ScrumStart, was invited to the Global Expansion Summit

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ScrumStart team visited CEBIT Hannover from 20th to 24th March 2017.