Highest Value | ScrumStart Virtual Captive Features

Designed and created by industry experts

Setting a captive involves a lot of effort and a lot of experience in making it successful. ScrumStart Virtual Captive experts have years of leadership experience covering everything that is needed to setup a high performing captive or a virtual captive. ScrumStart Virtual Captive consulting and leadership team comprises of most experienced and recognized experts in this field.

Talent hired with Mind-match algorithms

Any technology delivery heavily depends on the talent we hire. ScrumStart Virtual Captive uses the next generation hiring platform using MindMatch Algorithm that ensures hiring of most suited talent for the job they will perform. This results in higher productivity and reduced attrition. Access to vast talent pool provided by our virtual captive ensures speedy selection and quick return on investment.

No learning curve

Most challenging elements like knowledge transfer, managing teams in different time zones, performance management and governing them to perfection cannot happen without years of experimentation and discovery. ScrumStart Virtual Captive brings tested templates and success formula from years of knowledge that brings immense value on the table that starts right from designing of a virtual captive to end to end delivery and ROI.

Rapid ROI

ScrumStart Virtual Captive delivers ROI within the first year of its creation that clearly gives an edge over the traditional captive option. Capex free option, knowledge transition subsidy and quick start makes ScrumStart Virtual Captive more financially rewarding than company owned captives while option of transferring the Virtual Captive to the customer makes it better than a third party outsourcing option and a sustained ROI.