Highest Transparency | ScrumStart Virtual Captive Features

Cost plus pricing model

ScrumStart truly believes in building trust and promoting transparency with customers. We have only one pricing model for our Virtual Captive – Cost Plus transparent pricing. With this pricing model, our intent is to focus completely on quality and delivery standards without bothering about our margins. Our customers feel that this pricing model gives them far more savings than they ever expected.

Full control of the teams

More than 70% of respondents to our survey expressed their need for higher transparency with the teams with their existing service providers. Few were vocal with the fact that they were stopped to interact and know the offshore resources who worked for their company even while they were charged for their work. ScrumStart Virtual Captive model gives customers full control of their teams. Customers hire them, appraise them, talk to them and build a common culture and we at ScrumStart encourage it.

Ready to transfer

We are transparent and bold enough to say right at the time of engagement that the Virtual Captive is your property and we are the custodians. Customers are free to take over their Virtual captives based on pre agreed simple and fair conditions. As per our customers ‘ScrumStart Virtual Captive eliminates the fear of loss of the talent who have been trained by us.’

Trust Business Excellence Model

ScrumStart follows the culture of building trust & transparency across its employees, customers and business partners. We believe that without creating a culture of trust within, creating sustainable trusting relationships with customers is not possible. Our employee policies adopts culture of transparent salaries, empowerment of employees and enabling them for success. Our Trust Business Excellence Model lays down the foundation of a sustainable organization.