Highest Flexibility​ | ScrumStart Virtual Captive Features

Location agnostic

We are a global company with a broad outlook with talent from different geographies. We guide you for the best location for your needs that takes care of your talent need and cost considerations. However, if you have preference of a city in India and support in USA, UK, Malaysia or any other country in Europe, you can have one. With our offices in USA, UK, Finland, Malaysia and India we have a larger geography covered for you.

It’s your Virtual Captive

It is just not a shared location but option to grow into a full-fledged development centre that is exclusively yours. In every case, the facilities are global standard that can attract and retain the best talent.

Customer chooses talent

Recognizing a good talent suiting your needs can be best judged by you. We involve our customers in the process of selection of the talent and do not rotate them for other opportunities without agreement of the customers. You select the talent, train them and retain them as you grow with us.

Best of Third party and Captive benefits

Few companies like the flexibility of a third party in technology delivery while many prefer their own captives or global in-house center. ScrumStart Virtual Captive combines the best of both and adds more to the punch that cannot be easily replicated. Our rapid growth is a testimony of this advantage that cannot be missed.