Forward Looking​ | ScrumStart Virtual Captive Features

Automated governance

ScrumStart mandate is to focus on automation where ever possible in order to reduce wastage and improve efficiency. Our Program management, employee appraisal, engagement and hiring practices are highly automated. We continue to automate and improve upon our processes that help us pass benefits to our customers.

Innovative products & practices

Our automation has created tested products that our customers can benefit from. Our expertise in several business functions has also created products and platforms of interest for any customer that can be used as a part of Virtual Captive solution.

R&D Support

ScrumStart is a venture of SRKay Consulting Group, a PE and acceleration firm that specializes in creating successful startups. The ecosystem of R&D that feeds SRKay ventures is available to ScrumStart and its customers for developing new products, services or just try out your ideas with a proof of concept. A joint IP or a customer IP can be created in this R&D ecosystem.

CLASS Talent Academy

ScrumStart uses the SRKay ecosystem of talent building that is done through its CLASS Academy. CLASS stands for ‘Continuous Learning as a Service‘ that reflects in our belief that learning is a continuous phenomenon. This academy hires the best young talent from various colleges and feeds them into its ventures after making them expert in the trades and technologies needed by the ventures. Academy also engages the experienced employees through regular knowledge engagements. CLASS Academy helps maintain the cost advantage while reducing the burden of expensive lateral hire and high attrition thereof.