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ScrumStart, a venture backed by the SRKay Consulting Group PE, is primarily focused on advising, planning and executing outsourcing and globalization initiatives in India – the fastest growing and one of the most promising economies in the world. Our innovative offerings lead to massive reduction of costs for our clients, while ensuring high quality services, better operational control and increased IP protection. We operate out of our US, UK and India offices, while we work with clients across the globe. 

ScrumStart has four lines of business, each complementing each other. Traditionally the team worked on helping companies wanting to setup captive IT companies in India and has over one year emerged into a leading provider in ‘Virtual Captive’ solutions that helps mid and small size companies to own their IT and services Captive in India without investing any capes nor having any restriction of number of head count. ScrumStart offers never before deal to its customers by having only ‘Transparent Pricing’ model that has two advantages over traditional outsourcing. This pricing model ends up becoming highly cost effective and promotes high quality talent due to the reward on getting better quality talent to the clients. 

ScrumStart second business is into setting up technology and services captive companies in India. The team consists of highly experienced business leaders who have done this themselves and are pioneers in setting up highly productive captive companies in India. ScrumStart eliminates the experimental time that is needed by every captive and helps them embrace the best practices right from the word go. 

ScrumStart’s  latest initiative to help interested companies to explore India as a business destination helps companies that are in technology space of any kind and from any country. The service provides right set of consulting, market analysis, partner selection and much more that ensures high returns with little investment. 

Finally ScrumStart provides talent services by hiring and contracting the best talent for your company. The copyright psychological filters have proven to be the biggest draw with the company where only the right fit attitude along with skills are put for next level engagement with their customers. High level of success rate is a testimony of the benefit of our approach that comes at no extra cost. 


Our mission is to bring opportunities to every business that will help them save cost, create new markets for their existing products and services and help them become truly global by consulting and executing global business ventures and providing end to end business support using innovative technologies.


ScrumStart’s vision is to become a partner of choice for all CXOs across the world, who aspire their organisations to be truly global and look at India as their business destination for expansion, talent hunt, setting their captive companies or trying out with virtual captives. 



Email: letstalk@scrumstart.net

805-806, Wing B, ICC Trade Towers, Senapati Bapat Road, Pune (INDIA) +91 962 389 7588

New Bridge Street House, 30-34 New Bridge Street, London EC4V6BJ  (UK)

Coming Soon (USA)

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Alok Kumar, Founder of ScrumStart, was invited to the Global Expansion Summit

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ScrumStart team visited CEBIT Hannover from 20th to 24th March 2017.