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ScrumStart Virtual Captive:
Model of Engagement

ScrumStart Virtual Captive Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model:

The underlying paradigm of customization of approach for every client, is evident in the
flexibility we offer via our BOT model.

The BOT model is custom designed to enable transfer of all assets of the incubated, fully
functional Virtual Captive, encompassing all resources including talent, physical
infrastructure & technology assets. This option can be exercised by the client after a
pre-decided period of time, and as per contractually agreed upon terms.

ScrumStart Virtual Captive BOT Model – Phases:
Your Own Offshore Captive Centre set-up and managed 24*7 by ScrumStart at Zero CapEx
Investment, with 25 % to 30% reduction in Cost & 50 % faster ROI.
This phase encompasses the following:
Location selection & set up:

At both macro(city) and micro(local area/building) level.

Customized, State-of-the-Art Infrastructure:

Provision of custom-designed, branded office space & turnkey physical & technological
infrastructure, as per documented agreements.

Talent Building, Engagement, Growth, Retention:

Sourcing and incorporating a highly skilled talent pool specialized in technologies
as per your specific project requirements.

Due Diligence Frameworks:

Set up of Administrative & Governance mechanisms, Financial Structuring, Legal
frameworks, Tax planning & Regulatory Compliance structures.

Establishment of a scalable Offshore Platform for Technology

Development of a flexible offshore platform for rapid scale-up/down of Technology
assets and delivery as required going forward.

Your fully functional Captive Centre managed 24*7 by ScrumStart at a
start-to-operation time of 6 weeks or less.
Talent improvement &
upskilling program:

Using our proprietary CLASS Academy (Continuous Learning As a Service)


Development, maintenance and product/solution support as per specified requirements.


All operations based on a Fully Transparent, “Cost plus” or blended rate pricing model.

Process Automation &

Continuous process quality monitoring and improvement, increased speed to delivery with time & digital enablement/transformation initiatives.

Dedicated R&D for
Productivity growth:

Via our R&D centres in Finland(Helsinki) & India(Surat & Pune) to ensure exponential improvements across Process & Delivery functions & across Time and Scale.

Seamless and holistic Transfer of all assets of the incubated, fully functional Captive
including talent, physical infrastructure & technology assets as per pre-decided and mutually
agreed upon Contractual agreements
Your self-owned Offshore Captive/Global In-house Centre(GIC)
Turnkey Support & Facilitation:

During the transfer phase, ScrumStart will provide a full range of consultative services to ensure dependable legal, financial, accounting and logistical support specifically as per your requirements to ensure a smooth transition of Ownership.

ScrumStart Virtual Captive BOT Model – Benefits

The ScrumStart Virtual Captive BOT model is an organic way of developing an offshore subsidiary, enabling the gradual assimilation & growth of all offshore resources and assets into your company’s operations and culture.

  • BOT Model ensures a phased, structured path towards the development of your self-owned Offshore Captive/Global In-house Centre(GIC).
  • Ensures ease of adaptation for all internal and external stakeholders of your company’s business ecosystem over a period of time that is deemed comfortable.
  • ScrumStart also works closely with you to ensure mitigation of attrition risk upon Transfer.
  • The SVC BOT model ensures that you have the flexibility of deferring the decision of owning & operating an Offshore development centre in a new geographical location while still deriving all the benefits of the same from the very first day, and at Zero CapEx investment.
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