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Setting up a technology or management service captive may look easy from the outside, but a faulty design and ignorance can kill the prospects of its business viability. Several companies exited their captives because they could not realise their ROI even after a long time of making their Captive companies unviable. Few reasons that contribute in such a scenario includes hiring misfit leadership, poor business case planning, ineffective stakeholder’s buy-in and adhoc practices. ScrumStart’s expertise in planning, designing, executing and operating the Virtual captive gives the same value and experience as your own captive, while ensuring the best practices and flexibility of third party providers. It saves not only time and efforts but also adds up to the certainty of business success.

ScrumStart offers Capex free setup as an option, where initial investment can be reduced by the client making the ROI much faster. ScrumStart consultants based out of US, UK, Malaysia and India who have setup and run captives and have managed global scale operations bring not only experience but also ready proven templates and best practices. Finally, the operational transparency of ScrumStart that provides transparent cost plus pricing and better operational freedom has won many supporters globally.