A Lesson for CIOs: Transformation is the New Normal

A Lesson for CIOs: Transformation is the New Normal

“We are too busy in our transformation exercise. Have no time to look into anything new.” CIO of a mid-sized company responded when we tried reaching out to get a meeting from him and pitch our offerings. We obtained similar answers from few more, and the first thought that came was; are they trying to evade us or they are really swamped?

“Wow, you seem to have come just at the right time. We are transforming and would be happy to see how you can bring new ideas.” When CIO of another company responded very differently to the same pitch, we were forced to take a deeper dive and find why two CXOs are reacting very differently under identical conditions.

“Change is the only constant.” The famous quote is something that many leaders fail to understand that the role of a leader is to visualize, plan and execute the change for the better continuously. Those who fail to understand this reality, risk their corporation’s future under their leadership.

Change is not an exercise that starts and ends for permanent stability. Our study revealed that the companies which understood the difference as a one-time exercise not only struggled in making the change happen; they also struggled to remain competitive. Palm CEO Ed Colligan doubted that some computer maker was going to walk in and eat his lunch. He famously said ‘We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone. PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.’ What happened next is history, and it is well understood that history repeats itself for those who fail to understand the past that is replete with examples of the demise of corporations that resisted change instead of leading it.

It is common for corporations to define any change exercise to ‘Transformation’ to mentally make the team ready to accept the changes that would come in the future. However, the focus of corporations should be to make the change as their behavior and treat it as a new normal.

Successful corporations have understood the concept of accepting change as a routine and have ensured that it is built in their culture. Such companies continue to lead from the front and keep growing while the rest struggle to stay relevant.

Technology is the backbone for any transformation happening now. The new name of traditional change has been coined as ‘Digital Transformation’ to emphasize the importance of technology. In such a scenario, it is crucial for corporations not only to transform but also to invest in leadership that can not just follow or accept the change, but visualize, plan and lead the transformation.

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