Why OutSource? TrustSource

Get the best of a captive and third party IT outsourcing. Start with a POC.

ScrumStart Virtual Captive The best way to TrustSource

Did you know, CIOs value ‘Transparency’ as the most important factor in their relationship with technology providers followed by ‘Flexibility’ and ‘Access to best Talent’?

ScrumStart Virtual Captive Solution

  • A track record of attracting the Best talent into a culture that makes them want to stay.

  • Creating your own captive team is complex, unknown, slow and risky. Scrumstart brings simplicity, speed and certainty.

  • Achieve cost savings of 25 to 30% over a typical outsourcing engagement.

  • Engaging with ScrumStart gives client the agility, control and retains knowledge; Be in-house and offshore too with ScrumStart Virtual Captive.

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At ScrumStart, our focus is on generating business outcomes through co-innovating solutions using cutting edge technology, proprietary products, innovation in talent & productivity and guaranteed cost reduction through our innovative Virtual Captive delivery model.